In 2011 the company launched a project for the extraction and processing of limestone in the South of Kyrgyzstan, in Jalal-Abad region fields Alma-Bel, Kok-Serek, Shekaftar. To do this, we have purchased equipment from Turkey brand “MKS”, “ERGENLER”, “KAPTANLAR”.

Plant stone processing produces raw materials, semi-finished and finished products: blocks, slabs, billets facade tiles to high-quality, polished products. Can perform the most complex orders of our customers. The company has a qualified staff, using modern production technology, accounting, management and organization.

Due to the chosen strategy work in the warehouse of our company always have the required stock of finished product of travertine for our customers and partners. Total production capacity is 10.000 sq. m. of finished products per month.

The company “AK GORNIAK” pays the resource base, special attention. The raw material is extracted using the most modern technology and equipment production of blocks (diamond-wire machine, barova machine “VICTORIA”, 20-ton forklift XGMA916, etc.).Travertine Kyrgyzstan beauty and quality is not inferior to foreign analogues, in color – much richer and the price of natural stone our production much more attractive.

Travertine – sinter concentrations of porous limestone, alagaesia carbon sources. Used for cladding facades, walls, floors of residential and public buildings. Natural travertine stone is subjected to grinding and polishing. To obtain the weathered surface of travertine is processed by mechanical means (brushes) that gives a natural stone travertine ancient.